Community Advisory Board

The National Community Advisory Board (NCAB)  represents the participants in the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study (MWCCS). The Mission Statement of the NCAB is to:  

  • Provide on-going community, science, psycho-social and political input to the national MWCCS agenda. 
  • Help design mechanism to assure that 100% of MWCCS participants are representative for the community at large and to inform, educate and support these participants over time.
  • Help design mechanisms to assure access of HIV infected/affected women to MWCCS research sites and retention of these participants over time.
  • Advocate for adequate research funding, to allow the full MWCCS research agenda to be fulfilled.
  • Provide support for the site and/or local community advisory boards and encourage involvement at the local level.
  • Facilitate translation of MWCCS related information to the community.
  • Represent and be accessible to community members for MWCCS related concerns

With this in mind, it is up to us as MWCCS women to have ongoing representation of the NCAB for MWCCS women. This takes two people: one voting and one alternate representative. As we move forward with this research, it will be more important than ever that MWCCS women be represented on the NCAB. We are asking if anyone is interested in being part of MWCCS/NCAB, please contact Charlotte Cantrell Doran at